200 ton Masters Course


200 ton Online Master/Mate Course

This is our 40 hour 200 ton online master/mate course. Students will have access to this course for 3 months. Once the student completes the course, He/She can either retake all the practice tests included in this course, or sign up for our GOLD MEMBERSHIP or PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP to get access to all Marine Education Solutions Practice Tests. 

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Students have a couple of options when taking this exam.

  1. Take your exam at the local U.S. Coast Guard Regional Exam Center
  2. Take your exam at MTC Maritime Training Center

To qualify for this course, Mariners must:

  • Have a Merchant Mariners Document holding a Masters License
  • Take the Masters Upgrade Course before taking this course. If mariner holds an endorsement for OUPV.
  • If Mariner does not hold any endorsement as OUPV or Master, He/She must take the OUPV Course and the Masters Upgrade course before sitting through this course.