Captains License Practice Test

Captains License Practice Test

captains license practice test

Gold members have access to every captains license practice test we offer. Take hundreds of tests to help you study for the 4 modules of your captains exam. At Marine Education Solutions we offer 4 membership packages. Those mariners looking to study for their OUPV license (also called the 6 pack captains license) can utilize our Gold Membership. 


Captains License Test

With our e-learning system, students can take as many tests as they want. Our student dashboard holds everything in one place. When you take an exam, our student dashboard gives you instant feedback on your score, whether you passed or failed your practice test, and what questions you missed. It then stores this information so you will be able to make a decision on which tests to concentrate on. This state of the art learning system sets Marine Education Solutions apart from the crowd. 

Captains License Requirements

In order for you to receive your captains license, you will need to take a series of tests. By taking our captains license practice test, students will have an edge, whether they are going through a course, or taking the exam at on of the many Regional Exam Centers across the country. 

Subjects for passing your captains test include:

This is the absolute online test taking platform on the market today. Other websites have so much clutter on their testing site that students get distracted. When you take a captains license practice test with us, the only things you will see are the questions, possible answers, and any other information you may need to answer that particular question, such as illustrations from the Merchant Mariner Deck Examination Book. Nothing else will be in front of you. No advertisements, no gimmicks.