Chart Plotting Practice Problems

Chart Plotting Practice Problems are apart of our Membership Courses

The following charts and reference material are required to answer these questions.

These chart plotting practice problems can be found as part of our Memberships Courses. Choose the Gold or Platinum Membership to start studying for your Chart Plotting Exam.

We have the latest, most updated chart plotting practice problems for students who are interested in getting or upgrading their Captains License. The questions we offer are exactly like the ones you will see on the following U.S. Coast Guard Captains Exam Modules:

Our chart plotting practice test questions are intended for those students who already have experience Chart Plotting, and need to take some practice exams before they sit for their U.S. Coast Guard Exam. These questions will get the student ready to ace their upcoming exam.

Students who are taking their USCG Captains Exam at their local Regional Exam Center must now make an appointment to take their exams. Students who are taking an exam above a 200 ton Masters License must first qualify for OICNW, and have an approval to test letter from the National Maritime Center.

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