Trim and Stability Problems

We have compiled the most updated Trim and Stability questions for your convenience.Trim and Stability problems will be apart of the following courses & exams:

  • OUPV (Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels)
  • 100 ton Masters Upgrade
  • 200 ton Mates Upgrade
  • 200 ton Masters Upgrade
  • 500 ton Mates Upgrade
  • 500 ton Masters Upgrade
  • 1600 ton Mates Upgrade
  • 1600 ton Masters Upgrade
  • 3rd Mate Unlimited Upgrade



The questions you will encounter on your U.S. Coast Guard Exams are vast, depending on which license you are examining for. But for the most part, the questions you will encounter will be:

  • Rolling Period
  • Metacentric Height (GM)
  • Determining displacement of salt and fresh water
  • Draft
  • Displacement
  • Incline
  • Trim



These test questions are for students who already know the subject and do not reflect an actual course. Students who need instruction on this subject are encourage to go through an actual course.

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Students can take these exams through a Maritime School, Or take their exams at their local Regional Exam Center.

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